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The gospel causes us to look up to Christ and what He did, out to our neighbor and what they need, not in to ourselves and how we are doing. And while personal disciplines of praying and reading the Bible are aspects that keep us tethered to the Gospel these activities must not lead us to focus on ourselves. Exalting Christ should take us away from ourselves, and into the lives of other people. We are to have upward worship and outward service. We are to Exalt Christ.



When we discuss “discipling,” we are referring particularly to individual relationships. We mean the intentional encouragement and training of disciples of Jesus on the basis of deliberate, loving relationships. Discipling is not merely a program or activity, but it is a basic part of the fabric of church with Biblical truth at its core. We are to Make Disciples.



The apostle Paul’s advice to young Timothy was to be strong in Christ and to entrust what he had heard to reliable men so they could teach others. This is what we must do. It is our calling and challenge from God to be strong in the Lord and to take what we have learned from the Bible and teach others. We are not to keep the truth to ourselves but to invest in those who are trustworthy and faithful. Paul taught Timothy, who taught reliable men who were to teach others also. We are to Pass the Torch.