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Camp Paradise COVID Safety Information & FAQ


NOTE: We will continue to monitor the changes to COVID-19 protocol in our state and will update our Camp Paradise policies to reflect current guidelines as we get closer departure for Camp Paradise. Changes will be communicated via email in the final week of June.

Camp Paradise Information Videos

Prior to  Camp Paradise

It would be extremely difficult to ask teenagers to self-isolate/quarantine for 14 days in the middle of the summer; but we want to encourage students to be very cautious and cognizant of their interactions.

  • Students and leaders must be free from exposure to anyone tested positive for COVID-19 for 14 days prior to Camp Paradise.

  • If a person was exposed to COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to Camp Paradise, a negative test result must be provided  in order for the individual to attend.


Check-in will occur at our Mallard Creek Campus.

  • Student will be ushered to luggage drop off and seated at their Family Group table for orientation. 

  • Orientation will take place in Worship Center at Mallard Creek Campus.

What if someone shows symptoms of COVID-19?  

  • Notify Crowders Ridge and Hickory Grove  immediately. 

  • The individual will be placed in an isolation area provided by Crowders Ridge.

  • The individual’s parents will be contacted immediately and arrange a pick up as soon as possible.

  • While the person is in isolation area waiting for their parent:
    1. Individual will wear a mask . 
    2. Medical team member in full PPE will monitor their symptoms with check-ins every half-hour. 
    3. Food and water will be brought to them. 
    4. Medical team member with full PPE will retrieve their belongings.  
  • After they are picked up and returned home, they should be tested as soon as possible by health care provider and enter quarantine period. 

  • If they test positive while Camp Paradise is still occurring:
    1. Immediately notify first level of contact, which is the individual’s Family Group. The entire FG would be sent home. 
    2. Family Group members should monitor symptoms and be tested for COVID-19 due to a known exposure 5–7 days after most recent contact with positive case.
  • If symptoms are being shown within 48 hours after Camp Paradise, or a positive case comes back after Camp Paradise within 5 days of Camp Paradise:
    1. Immediately notify the individual’s Family Group.
    2. Family Group members should monitor symptoms and be tested for COVID-19 due to a known exposure 5–7 days after the most recent contact with positive case.
    3. To FG: “Hey Sophie, Jerry in your Family Group has tested positive and we are notifying you that due to your direct contact with him, we suggest you monitor symptoms, quarantine, and be tested.”
    4. To the rest of School Level: “High School CP attendees, we are following a contact tracing that is occurring from a positive case in High School FG1, but at this time your student is not considered at risk for COVID-19.” 
  • If 50% Family Group members develop symptoms:
    1. Immediately notify second level of contact, which are the Family Groups that would have shared recreation times. 
    2. Ex: “Hey Tyrell, Family Group 1 has had numerous cases of developed symptoms or positive cases and we suggest that you monitor symptoms, quarantine, and if any develop contact your health care provider to see if a test is necessary.” 


  • Crowders Ridge has a deep-cleaning staff for dorms, common spaces, dining hall, and worship area. 

Return to Hickory Grove

  • Students will ride the bus to their specific HG campus.


Additional FAQs

Will my student have to wear a mask the whole time?
Masks are currently required to be worn during indoor worship and in line in the dining hall.

What if we register for Camp Paradise and can’t go due to COVID-19?
If a student is unable to attend Camp Paradise due to a known exposure in the previous 10-days, a positive test, or decides against it because of comfortability, then a full refund will be issued. Please contact  

How will Water Rec be different?
Water Rec at Crowders Ridge will already be different than Camp Bob Cooper with no tubing/boats, but instead with slides, jump towers, ziplines, and a pool.

How will Land Rec be different?
Land Rec uses a rotation schedule to cycle Family Groups through different games and compete against other Family Groups each day.

How will water breaks be handled?
We strongly encourage your student to bring his/her own water bottle. Crowders Ridge has an Icehouse for ice and water dispensers in a CDC and COVID-compliant way. 

Does my student have to spend the night?
Yes, we are not offering a day camp option. If you believe there is a special circumstance, please contact one of the student pastors.  

What if my student has a food allergy or intolerance?
We want to do everything we can to make Camp Paradise work for your student and their health requirements. If you student has any allergies (environmental or food), please list them out when prompted during registration. Click HERE to view a copy of the menu for the week. Crowders Ridge offers a gluten free menu if your student has a gluten intolerance. If your student requires a gluten free meal plan, please select this option during registration.