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Sometimes life comes at you and requires you to acquire support beyond pastoral counseling or friendly advice. At this point, it is helpful to seek out professional counseling.

Hickory Grove offers several types of counseling which includes Licensed Professional Counselors, Graduate Level Interns, and various support groups throughout the year. Each type of counseling is designed to engender hope and create change for the various struggles faced. Our counselors are professionally trained and either licensed by the state of North Carolina or pursuing licensure. Our counseling blends Christ-centered, Biblically-based principles, along with proven psychological principles to promote emotional, relational and spiritual healing.

If you are interested in more information, feel free to browse through the different counselors or call 704-531-4034.


What is the difference between meeting with a pastor from Hickory Grove and a Counselor or Graduate Intern of the counseling center?

There is a difference between pastoral counseling and professional counseling. However, this can be confusing.

First, it is helpful to examine what professional counseling is. Counseling is a nonjudgmental relationship where you work together with the counselor to find solutions. At Hickory Grove, it involves both counseling techniques and biblical principles. Licensed counselors have at least a master’s degree in the counseling field and have learned techniques for listening and change. This relationship may be short term or long term, depending on the issue you present. There is paperwork for counseling with both the professional counselors and the graduate interns and a fee for the professional counselors.

So how does this differ from seeing a pastor? Most pastors have a class on biblical counseling but not a concentration in it. Biblical principles are used to help you solve problems. This is normally more short term and no paperwork is required. If the pastor determines that more focused assistance is needed, he will suggest you see a counselor.

What is the difference between a Professional Counselor and Graduate Intern?

There are several differences between the Professional Counselors at Hickory Grove and the Graduate Interns.

  1. The main difference is experience. The professional counselors have already completed their graduate level degrees in counseling and have obtained some sort of licensure that allows them to practice. With this comes the experience of at least 750 hours of supervised practice plus the time they have practiced after graduating. This can be found in each counselor’s bio. Graduate Interns are still in their programs of study. So they have limited training.

  2. There is a fee for the professional counselors. This will vary depending on the counselor’s experience, training, and license. The fee normally ranges from $60 to $120 per session. Our graduate interns are free of charge for sessions, so if there is a financial need, they are a good option.

  3. While it is always encouraged for counselors to consult with other counselors, it is not required for the professional counselors. However, our graduate interns are required to consult (or be supervised) by another professional. If you work with a graduate intern, you will be asked to sign a form giving permission for the graduate intern to videotape the session. This is a requirement and used for the intern’s training at Hickory Grove and the intern’s school. All recordings are kept confidential and only shown to the intern’s supervisor if needed.
Is counseling confidential at the counseling center at Hickory Grove?

Anything discussed in counseling is kept confidential, with the following exceptions:

  1. You want to harm/kill yourself.

  2. If you want to harm/kill someone else or a group of people.

  3. Child abuse/neglect, elder abuse, abuse of the physically or mentally disabled.

  4. While we do not want to go to court, if we are court ordered or subpoenaed, we may be required to testify or your notes may be requested.

  5. Minor clients also have confidentiality. Parents are told if the minor wants to hurt him/herself, others, or if they are repeatedly engaging in an activity that could lead to harm or death. The parents will not be told the details of therapy,but will be informed if needed. This is to insure the trust in the client/counselor.

  6. If for some reason you cross paths with your counselor outside of counseling, the counselor will not act like they know you. This is due to confidentiality. If you choose to acknowledge you know your counselor that is fine.  You can speak briefly.
What can I do to ensure I get the most out of counseling at Hickory Grove?

Counseling is not always fun or easy. It is important to consider the following when engaging in counseling.

  1. Complete the initial required paperwork. Most of this can be found either under the individual counselor’s bio for the professional counselors and under the “Intern” tab for the graduate interns. The paperwork normally involves the following:

    1. A Professional Disclosure Statement. This is a contract between you and your counselor. It explains the policies, procedures, and fees for counseling and is required by the North Carolina Licensing Board of Professional Counselors.
    2. A Clinical Intake Form. This is a series of questions needed by your counselor so that he/she knows best how to work with you. It includes current and past information on many aspects of your life. It is important you complete this as thoroughly as you can.
    3. A Financial Disclosure Statement (only for the professional counselors). This will cover the fees for most of the services the counselor can or will provide. This includes session fees, court fees, paperwork fees, etc.
    4. The Video Release Form (only for interns). This is a form to give permission to video your session for training purposes. This is a required form if you want to work with an intern due to the fact they have limited training.

  2. Show up for sessions. If you do not show up for sessions, you will not gain the knowledge and skills for change. For the professional counselors, there is normally a fee if you cancel your session less than 24 hours in advance. If you continually miss sessions for the counselors or interns, we will end our professional relationship.

  3. Show up ready to work. This means being open to change and processing hard issues. This also means completing the homework and/or the assessments given to you in an open, honest, and timely manner.
What do I do when I decide I need counseling?

Feel free to call the office at 704-531-4034, and we can help you determine the best fit. Or, if you have a good idea of what you want and need, look through the counselors’ bios and call one of them directly.

What if I need professional counseling but do not want to utilize Hickory Grove’s counseling services?

You can call the office at 704-531-4034, and we can direct you to someone or look over the list of outside resources and call them directly.

Professional Counselors


Our graduate counseling interns offer free counseling to individuals and couples. This includes adults, adolescents, and children. Our interns are receiving either their masters or doctoral degrees in counseling. They all receive training and supervision from the clinical supervisor in the counseling center, Dr. Christa Phipps, and their respective universities.

The goal of our internship program is to offer quality counseling free to people who cannot afford it while training new counselors on how to incorporate faith-based principles with the clinical skills necessary to be effective. Sessions last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the arrangement made with your intern. The initial paperwork is provided below and is required to be completed before the first session.

Professional Disclosure StatementClinical Intake AssessmentVideo Release Form

To schedule an appointment with one of the Graduate Counseling Interns, please call the office at 704-531-4034.