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Harris Campus
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Summer Internship

Hickory Grove Baptist Church is a large, Southern Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina that meets at two locations. Our Harris Campus meets at 7200 E. WT Harris Blvd and our Mallard Creek Campus meets at 13200 Mallard Creek Road.

We exist to exalt Christ, make disciples, and pass the torch of the gospel. We have a big view of God and a high view of His Word and invite like-minded, qualified, and convictional young adult believers to join us each summer to learn from our pastors and grow as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are exploring a call to ministry, we encourage you to apply today for Hickory Grove’s Summer Internship program.

Scope & Purpose:

Our internship is a ministry training practicum that exists in the context of a local church to help men and women discern a call to ministry. Additionally, we provide a training ground for men who sense a call to pastoral ministry. Under the supervision and mentorship of the pastors and leaders of Hickory Grove, interns will receive personal and professional ministry training, practical local church experience, and intentional discipleship. Our goal is to launch future pastors and leaders to serve the local church.

What to expect:

  • Hands-on ministry experience
  • Insightful ministry training with pastors and ministry leaders
  • Rich theological discussions with pastors and ministry leaders
  • Camp ministry experience
  • Opportunities to lead others and teach God’s Word
  • Weekly exposure to sound expositional preaching and Christ-centered worship
  • Personal discipleship and accountability
  • Opportunities for personal involvement with HGBC College Ministry

What we expect: 

  • Born-again believers
  • At least rising college sophomores
  • Passion to serve in the local church context
  • Aspirations for vocational church ministry
  • Capable of conducting Gospel-centered conversations
  • Adequately skilled to engage individuals in disciple-making relationships
  • Agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 


May 13–July 25, 2024

11-week paid internship


The application for the 2024 Summer Internship is now closed.

Questions? Contact  or call 704-531-5360. 

What people have said:

This internship helped me grow by challenging me to be above reproach… I learned more theology which made my view of God higher and helped me grow in my Christian walk. This internship helped me become a better, more effective worship leader.
– Taylor, Worship Ministry, UNC Charlotte

Just about every day, some aspect of what I learned at Hickory Grove weaves itself into my theology or my beliefs about church, life, and ministry.
– Eli, Student Ministry, Samford University

I learned and experienced so much more than I ever expected! I learned the importance of personal time with the Lord and how that quiet time influences one’s personal life and public ministry. My knowledge and ability to have Gospel conversations grew.
– Mason, Student Ministry, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

I learned what it looks like to pursue the Lord from a ministry platform. I was sometimes tempted to rely on my own strengths and abilities, but I realized, because of this internship, the necessity of relying on the Lord in every detail of ministry.
– Chad, Children’s Ministry, Samford University

I learned that to be a good and effective leader you really need to be a servant leader. You need to take care of the people you are responsible for and be concerned about their personal walks with the Lord.
– Kyle, Worship Ministry, UNC Charlotte

There is no better place to prepare and gain experience within the church than Hickory Grove. I am eternally indebted for the lessons learned, theological training received, and practical experience gained under the clear Biblical leadership at Hickory Grove. I grew professionally, theologically and as a strong follower of Christ.
– Kenneth, Student Ministry, UNC Charlotte

I knew no one at Hickory Grove initially and had no idea the size and scale of the church itself until I arrived on campus. Despite not knowing what to expect at the outset, I learned how to make people feel valued in the church by doing it firsthand and by having others show me how.
– Paul, Children’s Ministry, Liberty University

I grew so much as a person and as a Christian because of this internship. It was good to see the discipline that the pastors and staff at Hickory Grove have for God.
– Kasey, Worship Ministry, North Greenville University

Hickory Grove’s is an internship “on steroids” in my opinion! I enjoyed the book readings… I needed to have my eyes opened and needed the push toward a more intellectual knowledge of Scripture and theology. The internship definitely provided a foundation for me to grow in appreciation of a higher view, love, and fear of God.
– Jacob, Student Ministry, Appalachian State University

I assumed the internship would heavily involve me with the church’s graphic design process, but thanks to my supervisor and his direction, I not only learned a great deal about software and technical design in the workplace but more importantly, what it means to give my best creative ability for God’s glory.
– Mark, Graphic Design, Liberty University

I expected the Hickory Grove internship to allow me to put into practice the academic knowledge I had accrued in two years of college. However, my expectations severely underestimated the experience.
– Philip, Technical Production, University of Alabama

I grew in my knowledge of the Bible through the meetings that Hickory Grove provided and the one-on-one time with the pastors.
– Ben, Student Ministry, Appalachian State University

Overall, even though I was not always interfacing with a lot of the people in the congregation, I feel that I performed a role that ultimately aided someone in sharing the Gospel in a meaningful way.
– Hunter, Technical Production, Liberty University

Through the internship I learned the value of Sunday morning worship, ministering to myself before attempting to minister to others, and appreciating that it is God who works in His people in order to make the church what it is.
– Jenna, Student Ministry, UNC Charlotte

I learned to articulate the Gospel clearly and simply. Learning that is crucial because I can now explain to kids and adults the Gospel confidently.
– Jonathan, Children’s Ministry, Liberty University

Through this internship, I was able to grow in my ability to study God’s Word and teach it to others.
– Jordan, Student Ministry, Liberty University

I really learned how to be on a team this year. Things work so much smoother when you have older leaders in ministry who have been at this a whole lot longer than you have and can show you what works and what doesn’t. It is great to be on a team like Hickory Grove where most of my weaknesses are someone else’s strengths.
– Kyle, Worship Ministry, UNC Charlotte

While I already respected my church to the utmost, I grew a new kind of respect for a church that honors God with every move they make yet runs the business that is Hickory Grove with precision and ethicality.
– Meghan, Communications, Liberty University

I am more and more sure that I am called to serve the church as my vocation and I will continue to follow that calling wherever it leads me.
– Philip, Technical Production, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

I have better learned how to exalt Christ and point others to Him through worship.
– Taylor, Worship Ministry, UNC Charlotte