Harris Campus


Two Services:
Sunday at 8 & 11 AM

Community Groups

9:30 AM


7200 E. WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28215

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Mallard Creek Campus


Sunday at 10:00 AM
Spanish Worship at 10:00 AM

Community Groups

8:45 AM


13200 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262

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Latin American

Two Locations:

Harris Campus
7424 E. WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28227

Mallard Creek Campus
13200 Mallard Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC 28262



Our Staff


Clint Pressley

Senior Pastoroffice: 704-531-4027

Dr. Kyler Smith

Senior Associate Pastor office: 704-531-5350

Steve Adams

Executive Pastoroffice: 704-531-4009

Dr. Luis Tejera

Pastor, Latin American Campusoffice: 704-248-3570

Campbell Benfield

Pastor, Family DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5347

Ric Blazi

Pastor, Adult DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5343

Olivier Hakizimana

Associate Pastor, Worship MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4041

Dr. John Harrill

Pastor, Adult Discipleship Harris Campusoffice: 704-531-4035

Gerald Malloy

Pastor, Worship MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5333

Dr. Blake Maxwell

Pastor, Student DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5348

Alex McCay

Pastor, College DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3574

George Nervegna

Pastor, Adult DiscipleshipLatin American Campusoffice: 704-248-3570

Casey Norkett

Pastor, Missions Ministryoffice: 704-531-4028

Matt Phipps

Pastor, DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4042

Jacob Prince

Pastor, Student DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4023

Dr. Jimmie Quesinberry

Head of Schooloffice: 704-531-7520

Kyle Scarlett

Pastor, Family DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-566-7501

John Stegemerten

Pastor, Worship MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4081

Associates & Directors

David Braswell

Director, Audio and LightingHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3493

Austin Chaney

Director, Technical MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5344

Dan DeZordo

Director, Sports MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5359

Caroline Fogle

Director, Social Media

Donna Fugarino

Director, Women's DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4190

Kathy Headrick

Director, Resource Centersoffice: 704-531-4047

Kristina Helms

Director, Technical MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4053

Kristin Higginbotham

Director, Preschool MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5332

Julie Jennings

Controlleroffice: 704-531-4052

Ron King

Director, Facilities and Operationsoffice: 704-566-7514

Katie Kiser

Director, Preschool MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3506

Lance Mar

Director, Graphic Designoffice: 704-531-3517

Melissa McCay

Associate, Worship Ministry | Director, Girls DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4021

Nathan Nervegna

Associate, Worship and Student DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-3540

Jose Ocampo

Associate, Worship and Student DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-566-7515

Ally Quesinberry

Director, Girls DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5336

Greg Scott

Director, Sports MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3482

Denise Theiss

Director, Human Resourcesoffice: 704-531-3512

Roger Woodell

Director, Sports MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3482

Support Staff

Jennifer Anderson

Assistant, Worship MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5333

Jim Bobbins

Director, Print Shopoffice: 704-531-4065

Susan Bobbins

Assistant, Membership Recordsoffice: 704-531-4030

Sara Daddio

Assistant, Head of Schooloffice: 704-531-7520

Paula Dodd

Executive Assistant to Steve Adamsoffice: 704-531-4009

Jacqueline Dumitrescu

Assistant, Worship MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4013

Jill Floyd

Graphic Designeroffice: 704-531-3546

Hannah Griffin

Assistant, Guest Servicesoffice: 704-531-4000

Emily Hedrick

Associate, Human Resourcesoffice: 704-531-4180

Kirsten Herberg

Assistant, Sports Ministryoffice: 704-531-3482

Kristin Hutchinson

Assistant, Facilities and Operationsoffice: 704-566-7519

Lisa Jenkins

Assistant, Family DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3495

Michelle Jones

Assistant, Accounts Payableoffice: 704-531-4005

Tish Leach

Associate, Resource CenterMallard Creek Campus

Allison Maginnis

Assistant, Adult DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5343

Tanya McCorkle

Assistant, Adult DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4035

Monica McKenzie

Executive Assistant to Kyler Smithoffice: 704-531-4073

Shannon Nipper

Assistant, DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5360

Jeannie Parker

Executive Assistant to Clint Pressleyoffice: 704-531-4027

Serafina Perrotti

Assistant, Family DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5335

Kathy Reynolds

Assistant, Accounts Receivable office: 704-566-7502

Amy Roberts

Associate, Resource CenterHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3520

Holly Robinette

Assistant, DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4042

Sheila Stover

Assistant, Student DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4023

Jane Tart

Assistant, Purchasingoffice: 704-531-4078

Nichole Taylor

Assistant, Missions Ministryoffice: 704-531-4028