Harris Campus


Two Services:
Sunday at 8 & 11 AM

Community Groups

9:30 AM


7200 E. WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28215

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Mallard Creek Campus


Sunday at 10:00 AM
Spanish Worship at 10:00 AM

Community Groups

8:45 AM


13200 Mallard Creek Road
Charlotte, NC 28262

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Latin American

Two Locations:

Harris Campus
7424 E. WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28227

Mallard Creek Campus
13200 Mallard Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC 28262



Our Staff


Clint Pressley

Senior Pastoroffice: 704-531-4027

Dr. Kyler Smith

Senior Associate Pastor office: 704-531-5350

Steve Adams

Executive Pastoroffice: 704-531-4009

Dr. Luis Tejera

Pastor, Latin American Campusoffice: 704-248-3570

Campbell Benfield

Pastor, Family DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5347

Ric Blazi

Pastor, Adult DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5343

Nick Gentili

Pastor, Student DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5336

Dr. Olivier Hakizimana

Associate Pastor, Worship MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4041

Dr. John Harrill

Pastor, Adult Discipleship Harris Campusoffice: 704-531-4035

Gerald Malloy

Pastor, Worship MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5333

Dr. Blake Maxwell

Pastor, DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5360

Alex McCay

Pastor, College DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3574

George Nervegna

Pastor, Adult DiscipleshipLatin American Campusoffice: 704-248-3570

Matt Phipps

Pastor, DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4042

Jacob Prince

Pastor, Student DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4023

Dr. Jimmie Quesinberry

Head of Schooloffice: 704-531-7520

Kyle Scarlett

Pastor, Family DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-566-7501

John Stegemerten

Pastor, Worship MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4081

Associates & Directors

David Braswell

Director, Audio and LightingHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3493

Donna Fugarino

Director, Women's DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4190

Hannah Griffin

Director, Sports MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-3482

Kathy Headrick

Director, Resource Centersoffice: 704-531-4047

Kristina Helms

Director, Technical MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4053

Kristin Higginbotham

Director, Preschool MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5332

Julie Jennings

Controlleroffice: 704-531-4052

Ron King

Director, Facilities and Operationsoffice: 704-566-7514

Katie Kiser

Director, Preschool MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3506

Philip Loposser

Associate, AudioWorship MinistryMallard Creek Campus

Nathan Nervegna

Associate, Worship and Student DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-3540

Jose Ocampo

Associate, Worship and Student DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-566-7515

Ally Quesinberry

Director, Communication | Assistant, DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4042

Stephen Russell

Director, Choir and OrchestraWorship MinistryHarris Campus

Greg Scott

Director, Sports MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3482

Nichole Taylor

Director, Missions and Outreachoffice: 704-531-4028

Denise Theiss

Director, Human Resourcesoffice: 704-531-3512

Support Staff

Ally Quesinberry

Director, Communication | Assistant, DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4042

Jennifer Anderson

Assistant, Worship MinistryMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5333

Sara Daddio

Assistant, Head of Schooloffice: 704-531-7520

Emily Deyo

Assistant, Family DiscpleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5335

Paula Dodd

Executive Assistant to Steve Adamsoffice: 704-531-4009

Jacqueline Dumitrescu

Assistant, Worship MinistryHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4013

Jill Floyd

Graphic Designeroffice: 704-531-3546

Emily Hedrick

Associate, Human Resourcesoffice: 704-531-4180

Kirsten Herberg

Assistant, Sports Ministryoffice: 704-531-3482

Kristin Hutchinson

Assistant, Facilities and Operationsoffice: 704-566-7519

Lisa Jenkins

Assistant, Family DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3495

Bailey Jeu de Vine

Assistant, Guest Servicesoffice: 704-531-4000

Michelle Jones

Assistant, Accounts Payableoffice: 704-531-4005

Tish Leach

Associate, Resource CenterMallard Creek Campus

Allison Maginnis

Assistant, Adult DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5343

Tanya McCorkle

Assistant, Adult DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4035

Monica McKenzie

Executive Assistant to Kyler Smithoffice: 704-531-4073

Natalia Osorio

Assistant, Latin American Campusoffice: 704-531-3570

Jeannie Parker

Executive Assistant to Clint Pressleyoffice: 704-531-4027

Serafina Perrotti

Assistant, Student DiscipleshipMallard Creek Campusoffice: 704-531-5336

Kathy Reynolds

Assistant, Accounts Receivable office: 704-566-7502

Amy Roberts

Associate, Resource CenterHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-3520

Sheila Stover

Assistant, Student DiscipleshipHarris Campusoffice: 704-531-4023

Rachel Toadvine

Copy Editoroffice: 704-531-4193


Maria Creason

Coordinator, PreschoolHG KidsHarris Campus

Wendy Griffin

Coordinator, ResourcesHG KidsHarris Campus

Kelsi Laisy

Coordinator, ElementaryHG KidsHarris Campus

Mary Ann Lemoine

Coordinator, Preschool and ElementaryHG KidsMallard Creek Campus

Jennifer Poston

Coordinator, ResourcesHG KidsMallard Creek Campus